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Climbing Wall

The Student Rec and Wellness Center offers FREE climbing on our state of the art climbing wall!

Spring 2013 Climbing Wall Hours



You must sign a waiver before you will be allowed to use the wall. This will occur each visit until the skills check is passed.  Once you have passed the skills check we will keep your waiver on file for one academic year.


Once you have passed the skills check (see below) you are free to climb any time we are open. You are still required to check in and also must have a partner (climber/belayer) who has also passed the skills check. We also require a backup belayer until the Climbing Wall Manager has given you permission to not have one.  Our staff will be present but are supervisory.


The orientation class is designed for beginning climbers with no experience, or those who need to refresh their skills. Instructors will focus on equipment care and use, belaying mechanics, climbing commands, spotting, knots, and an introduction to climbing wall rules.  Climbing shoes are available for a fee of $1.00 per visit. There will be  sign-up sheets for classes. Patrons can sign up in advance; classes are available on a first come first serve basis.


The skill check is designed for experienced indoor climbers with a knowledge of climbing wall fundamentals and individuals who have completed the orientation class. The test involves the ability to:

1.   Use a harness correctly

2.   Tie-in using a trace figure 8 knot

3.   Use of proper climbing commands

4.   Belay using safe and correct procedure


The wall staff will belay new or inexperienced climbers as a one time try out.  This is designed to let people try the wall.  After this try out period , we would like all climbers to complete the orientation class. The try out service is available on a first come first serve.


We will give orientation classes to groups during our regular hours or at other times as arranged through the Climbing Wall manager.  There is a minimum of 8 people for a special reserved time.



Climbing Wall Policies

  • University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh’s students and faculty/staff must present a valid Titan ID or guest pass prior to each climb

  • All participants must complete a climbing wall orientation class or a skills check, and have a valid participation wavier on file before engaging in any bouldering or climbing.

  • For bouldering, a minimum of one spotter is required, and the climber’s feet shall not exceed the height of one and a half panels.

  • Climbers must provide a belayer.

  • Solo climbing is NOT permitted and all climbers must be protected by a top rope belay or a sport route belay, unless bouldering.

  • Climbers are required to use back-up belayers, until authorized by the Climbing Wall Manager.

  • Climbers are required to use the ropes, carabiners, and belay devices provided by the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

  • Climbers must use proper safety equipment when engaged in rope climbing.  Harnesses and helmets are available for use at the wall, and rental shoes are available for $1.00.  If a climber uses his/her own harness, helmet, or shoes the Climbing Wall Manager must approve it prior to use.

  • All lead climbers must use a helmet.

  • Sandals, bare feet, socks, or street shoes are not permitted on the wall.

  • A figure 8 follow-through knot with a double overhand must be tied directly into the climber’s harness.

  • A belay device (H.B. Sheriff) must be attached to the belayer’s harness by means of a tri-locking carabiner or double alternating carabiners.  Climbers are not allowed to use their own belay devices.

  • Always check and double check the climber’s knot, harness, and belay system before each climb.

  • The adjustments or rearrangements of holds is not permitted.  The Climbing Wall Staff will change the holds periodically, so your suggestions for a change may be directed to them.

  • Proper belaying and climbing commands should be used.

  • The use of chalk is prohibited; only eco-balls are allowed.

  • For safety reasons the wearing of jewelry while climbing is discouraged.

  • Only instruction by the Climbing Wall Staff is permitted.